We are creators.

We Are One

Strength in a close-knit team

The One Fashion is a global company, with a diverse team and client base. The fashion lines and brands that we create express global perspectives, personal stories.


A safe place for our global community to feel at home and have the confidence to truly be themselves.  We embrace people from the most diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and experiences to support our innovation and creativity, and strive to make our community open and welcome to all. 

We provide the tools and the platform to support our community to come together, express themselves through fashion and make a positive impact on culture. 


At The One Fashion, we are building a different kind of fashion company.


A company that puts individuals and real people at the heart of what we do and encourages them to discover and celebrate what makes them unique.

A company that wants to bring out the creativity in all of us and make culture more inclusive. We are not afraid to stand up for what is right, for our community and the people within it.

We are a company that hates the idea of doing business that is transactional and forced. Doing this together we become closer and make everything more meaningful.

we are one

Strength in a
close-knit management team

The One Fashion is one of the most exciting fashion companies in Europe. In order to offer pure excellence at all levels, we have built our own factory. By having our own production we offer a direct service, without intermediaries or agencies, you deal directly from the manufacturer. What makes us so special? Take a look at the scope of our services and be inspired by an exclusive, electrifying and unprecedented company in the fashion industry.

TheOneFashion is composed of a team motivated to work together and that is how we achieve our goals faster and more effectively. When a team joins forces and supports each other, everyone wins.

we look forward

To be the best
without having to say it

We are passionate about providing customers an exceptional sustainable supply chain management in apparel sourcing while creating a variety of high-quality products with innovative designs.

In order to expand our position as market leader, we take our sustainability responsibility very seriously, which is why we operate our own production company transparently in Istanbul and truly take care of our employees.

we are strength

essential to our customers

Since 2008, we have been working hand in hand with our customers to achieve the best while make them feel part of our family.

Everything we do is not something we would produce, but something we would love.

you are welcome

Our creativity is
reflected in our multiculturalism

Fashion is like human being – nothing is more different but basically the same!
Our team consist of over seven different nationalities, which is open-minded and respect every shape of diversity as well as gender equality. We trust in the power of diversity and its potential for our success!

From our very first day ,we’ve always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of.

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Coming very soon

TheOneFashion is looking forward to show you its most precious collection "Harmony" very soon.